Аvoid unnecessary energy loss with newly installed windows

At the latest when the next heating bill approaches annually knowledge: Heating costs have already risen again! Costs can be of you have little effect, but you can work on your consumption. Reduce this by installing modern windows, so as to benefit from improved insulation properties!

Wear and wear phenomena also result in property means that regularly visible corrections and rehabilitation work to be carried out. Proud owner of a house or apartment should but think about the energy efficiency of their property at regular intervals. Window playing a key role. Why does the exchange of the window or the window glass pays off for you – now on Glaserei.

New windows installed – well prepared for the cold season

Windows and doors are so-called thermal bridges, where the most heat is lost. Therefore, any owner of a property before the heaters are put into operation for the first time, consider reviewing the thermal insulation into consideration. Old windows that contain old or even insulating single glazing are outdated thermotechnically likely, even if they are not damaged!


Replace old windows and save on energy costs. “About the [old] window go 15 percent of energy is lost,” citing the trade magazine “Beautiful Living” the Secretary of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU), Dr. Fritz Brickwedde.

Modern windows generally have a sun protection glazing, which ensures that the cold air outside and the warm air in the building remains. This is achieved by a plurality of disks with integrated precious metals and rare gas layers. However, new windows are available in different versions. The variations range from mirrored windows to sun protection or fire protection windows.

Validating your window slightly

Basically, you can start from a heat loss if the window frames are much cooler than the rest of the room or if you even at the closed window feel a draft. If this is not the case, we encourage you to let determine a so-called U-value. This indicates how much is the loss of heat to thermal bridges as your window.


A specialist company may determine the U-value exactly. Ask today a study on!

Look at the window renovation also on the frame material and the wall insulation. The most modern window glass brings you nothing, if the frame is not tight. Pointing the acts in this decision again the U-value. The smaller this value, the better the insulation effect. Also you should look at the window renovation on an intact wall insulation as quickly lead here leaky walls after the replacement of windows to mold growth.


The renewal of its windows is less of a burden, but rather a chance to set up your property future needs. Depending on your preference you can choose between various window glass types. With the proper interplay of window glass, window frames and wall insulation you save heating costs and incidentally also support the environment.

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